• A Better Way to Conduct Valve Packing Removal

    A Better Way to Conduct Valve Packing Removal

    Valve Packing Removal

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions offers Valve Packing Removal using Packing Extractor Systems. This service utilises professional grade water jet packing extractor systems that have been designed for fast and efficient removal of valve stem packing, pump packing and flange gasketing.

    We use the latest in valve packing removal technology which is far superior to out dated manual extraction methods because it:

    • Rapidly and efficiently remove packing from heavily coked valves in hydrocarbon service without damaging any of the valve components
    • Eliminates the risk of scoring or gouging a valve stem or stuffing box bore, or flange face caused by out-dated manual extraction methods
    • Increases the quantity of valves you can repack during a plant maintenance shutdown
    • Get units back into production quicker

    Removing valve packing via traditional methods can be a time-consuming, hazardous and costly exercise. By making this new technology available to industry sectors  we hope to reduce down time for our clients and help keep their plants operational and efficient.

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