• Critical Minerals Boom Headlined by New Critical Minerals Strategy

    Critical Minerals Boom Headlined by New Critical Minerals Strategy

    Australia is on the brink of a transformative minerals mining boom driven by the global push for renewable energy and technological advancements. The spotlight is on critical minerals, which play a vital role in electronic devices and renewable energy technologies, such as electric cars, wind farms, and solar energy. This boom is further amplified by the recent launch of the Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030, aimed at propelling Australia to become a world-leading producer of critical minerals while contributing to a net-zero emissions future.

    Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030

    The Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030 outlines the Australian government’s vision to strengthen the country’s critical minerals sector and create resilient and sustainable supply chains through robust international partnerships. The strategy emphasises building sovereign capability in critical minerals processing and leveraging these resources to establish Australia as a renewable energy superpower. Additionally, it aims to extract more value from onshore resources, generating economic opportunities and jobs for regional and Indigenous communities.

    A Coordinated Approach Between Industry and Government

    Industry and government collaboration is crucial to the success of the Critical Minerals Strategy. Queensland plays a pivotal role in this endeavour with its rich critical mineral deposits. The Queensland government is committed to establishing the state as a global leader in essential mineral exports and has allocated $245 million to boost the sector under its Critical Minerals Strategy. The plan includes abolishing exploration permit fees for the next five years, establishing critical mineral zones, funding waste stream initiatives, and creating a centralised oversight body called ‘Critical Minerals Queensland.’ Additionally, the state will target mining waste and tailings for critical minerals and invest in scientific research on circular economy initiatives.

    Seizing Opportunities for a Greener Future

    The potential benefits of Australia’s critical minerals sector are immense. Independent modelling indicates that increased exports of critical and energy-transition minerals could create over 115,000 new jobs and add $71.2 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2040. However, the country can unlock even greater opportunities by expanding downstream refining and processing capabilities. The government plans to target $500 million of new investment into critical minerals projects through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility to achieve this. It will also establish the National Reconstruction Fund, which allocates $1 billion for value-add in resources and $3 billion for renewables and low emissions technologies. These initiatives are vital for maximising the value of critical minerals and ensuring Australia’s role as a key player in the global metals supply chain for clean energy solutions.

    The Path to a Renewable Energy Superpower

    Critical minerals are becoming increasingly valuable as the world accelerates its transition towards renewable energy. Vanadium, copper, zinc, and cobalt are just a few examples of the essential minerals needed for renewable energy technologies. In Queensland’s northwest, numerous exploration projects are seeking rich deposits of vanadium to support the production of redox flow batteries for energy storage in power plants and electrical grids. The state’s significant critical mineral reserves and the government’s strategic investments help position Queensland at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

    A Decisive Strategy with Room for Improvement

    While the Critical Minerals Strategy is a step in the right direction, some stakeholders have highlighted areas for improvement. Industry experts indicate that the strategy needs major policy schemes or a comprehensive onshoring action plan. Addressing these aspects will be crucial to ensure that Australia maximises the potential of its critical minerals sector and fully capitalises on the renewable energy transition.


    Australia’s critical minerals boom, powered by the recently unveiled Critical Minerals Strategy, is poised to transform the nation’s mining and manufacturing landscape. With a strong emphasis on downstream processing and expanding onshore capabilities, the strategy aims to position Australia as a global leader in critical minerals and a key player in the clean energy future. Collaborative efforts between industry and government, particularly in Queensland, will be vital in unlocking the full potential of this transformative opportunity. As the world’s appetite for renewable energy technology grows, Australia’s rich geological reserves and mining expertise will play a pivotal role in shaping a greener future for all.

    Read more about the Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030 and Queensland’s Critical Minerals Strategy.

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