• Queensland Introduces Ground-breaking Renewable Energy Code of Conduct 

    Queensland Introduces Ground-breaking Renewable Energy Code of Conduct 

    Queensland has unveiled a pioneering renewable energy code of conduct, marking a pivotal moment in the state’s clean energy journey. This is a significant leap towards a sustainable future. 

    Empowering Communities in the Transition 

    The Queensland Government’s latest initiative aims to empower regional communities by ensuring their active participation in the clean energy transition. With renewable energy poised to create over 100,000 new jobs by 2040, the code of conduct seeks to make local residents full partners in Queensland’s renewable energy boom. 

    “I expect that this nation-leading code will put communities firmly at the forefront of the energy transition because they should have a genuine seat at the table when it comes to decisions in their local area,” said Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni. 

    “Because we’re committed to ensuring the transition benefits all Queenslanders, we’re ensuring local communities reap the reward by making social licence a race to the top. 

    A Collaborative Approach 

    Co-designed with key stakeholders, the code mandates genuine engagement between renewable energy developers and local communities throughout the project lifecycle, from development to operation. This collaborative approach ensures that communities are not just bystanders but active contributors to the state’s renewable energy landscape. 

    Putting Communities First 

    Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni emphasized the importance of prioritizing communities in the transition. The code’s implementation is supported by a $20 million investment from the Regional Economic Futures Fund, which enables communities to establish legacy infrastructure and advance critical services. 

    “We’ve listened to key advocacy groups like the Queensland Farmers Federation and the Local Government Association Queensland and have taken on feedback from those who know their local communities best.”said de Brenni. 

    Setting New Standards 

    The code focuses on tangible benefits for communities, including infrastructure improvements and job creation. It sets new standards for social license and regional community priorities. It incorporates findings from the Commonwealth’s Independent Community Engagement Review, reflecting best practices and community priorities. 

    A Blueprint for the Future 

    The Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable energy is evident in its efforts to set the benchmark globally for leading practices. By prioritising communities, landholders, and environmental protections, Queensland is paving the way for a sustainable and inclusive energy future. 

    “If developers want to be approved to connect to the Queensland SuperGrid, they’ll need to show that they can work in partnership with the local community – because locals know their area best.” said de Brenni. 


    As Queensland takes bold steps towards a renewable energy future, the introduction of the renewable energy code of conduct marks a milestone in the state’s journey towards sustainability. With communities at the forefront, Queensland is poised to lead the way in embracing clean energy and building a brighter future for generations to come. 

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