• Touch Football Carnival for Australians’ Schools Mental Health Programs

    Touch Football Carnival for Australians’ Schools Mental Health Programs

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions are proud to be supporters of local community programs and sponsors of many events across a diverse range of topics. This is just one of many that we are proud to be supporting.

    The inaugural Touch Football Carnival was held earlier this month and approximately 400 players were joined by spectators in support of the charity LIVIN. Their aim is to destroy the stigma that is attached to mental illness. LIVIN was founded to raise awareness of suicide prevention – their main focus of the cause is to educate to influence change.

    A great cause to get behind and to be a part of! The event raised more than $8000 which will assist with funding mental health education programs at schools around Australia. Cleveland State High School student Corey Adams together with help from Millie Despot came up with the concept for the event.

    The carnival was part of a school initiative to make mental illness less of a “taboo” subject and to assist students with making them aware of various options that they have available for help. The school has run courses for teachers, parents and students and teamed up with LIVIN to really make a difference and raise awareness throughout the community and families.


    For more information or to donate visit LIVIN

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