• Technology to add production edge for Downer (IQ)

    Technology to add production edge for Downer (IQ)

    Downer Group has invested in Carlson high-precision machine guidance solutions to be deployed across four mine sites in Australia.

    They include the Commodore and Goonyella Riverside coal operations in Queensland.

    In total, 27 machine systems will be installed across a fleet of dozers, excavators, drills, and supervisor vehicles to increase productivity and optimize mine site operations.

    Distributor Position Partners said Carlson’s custom-designed volumetrics module was integrated into the Carlson Command software platform, to provide office reporting tools to the Downer Group on productivity and utilisation of the high-precision machine guidance systems.

    “It’s a management tool that provides an in-depth understanding of machine and fleet performance,” Position Partners’ mining business manager Andrew Granger said.

    “It gives mine managers visibility into exactly how machines are operating, including the volume and location of material moved per hour.”

    The Carlson Machine Guidance solutions purchased by Downer include:

    • Drill Grade – Carlson’s guidance and monitoring solution for drills.
    • Excavator Grade – Carlson’s digger guidance and monitoring solution for diggers.
    • Dozer Grade – Carlson’s guidance and monitoring solution for dozers.
    • Grade Supervisor – Carlson’s solution to allow supervisors to check production and see how they are performing against targets.
    • Carlson Command – Carlson’s office database solution to capture all data coming in from the machines for real-time viewing, reporting, and data analysis.

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