• World Mining Congress 2023 Hosted in Brisbane

    World Mining Congress 2023 Hosted in Brisbane

    The global mining and resources sectors are gearing up for the 26th World Mining Congress (WMC) 2023, to be held in Brisbane, June 26-29, 2023. This prestigious international gathering will be hosted by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Industry leaders, researchers, regulators, and investors from across the globe will come together to explore the future of mining and its impact on society. BLJ In-Situ Solutions is one of the many organisations eagerly anticipating the conference and the exciting opportunities it presents.

    The 2023 WMC will focus on Resourcing Tomorrow: Creating Value for Society as it examines our world’s economic and social dependence on resources into the future. The Congress will tackle issues such as environmental sustainability, digital transformation, disruptive technologies, climate change, and the future of our workforce.

    A Unique Opportunity for Global Collaboration:

    Since its inauguration in 1958, the WMC has served as the leading international forum for the mining and resources industries. Held triennially, the WMC presents a unique opportunity to unite representatives from the world’s top resource economies and encourage collaboration, sharing expertise, and tackling present-day obstacles. The 26th WMC aims to continue this tradition, presenting a valuable opening for stakeholders to facilitate global information exchange about sustainable mining practices, discuss current challenges and future opportunities, and build new partnerships.

    The Host: CSIRO – Leading Innovation and Research:

    Australia’s CSIRO is proud to host the WMC 2023. With a team of over 5,500 skilled professionals and researchers working across multiple disciplines and fields, CSIRO is at the forefront of resource research and innovation. Their cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies, such as sensing and automation, have improved productivity and safety for workers across Australia. CSIRO’s dedication to expanding the resource base, enhancing environmental performance, and promoting social welfare perfectly aligns with Congress’s goals of creating value for society through sustainable mining practices.

    Shaping the Future of Mining:

    WMC 2023 will address a diverse range of topics through plenary sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. These themes include:

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Decarbonisation
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Technology & Operations
    • Autonomous Systems
    • Geosciences & Discovery
    • Health, Safety & Wellbeing
    • Mining Science & Engineering
    • Critical Minerals
    • New Mining Frontiers
    • Processing & Refining
    • Future Workforce & Education

    There are three prominent symposia within WMC 2023 that address the future of mining and resources in a global context.

    • The Sustainable Construction Materials symposium will explore the environmental and social challenges associated with the extraction of sand, gravel, and crushed stone. It will also address circular economy principles and the development of low-carbon alternatives for concrete.
    • The Mine Closure symposium will focus on the challenges posed by mine closures and the responsible management of environmental and social transitions. Case studies from around the world will be presented, along with discussions on technological innovations, progressive closure practices, and the engagement of local communities.
    • The Minerals Policy & Governance for the New Economy symposium seeks international acceptance for government support in research, education, partnerships, and guaranteed purchasing to achieve environmentally and socially responsible mining goals in fossil fuel transition areas.

    Queensland’s Role in Showcasing Resources and Advancements:

    As the official host state partner, the Queensland Government will have the opportunity to showcase the state’s abundance of mineral resources and advancements in the mining industry. Queensland is a significant player in the global resources market thanks to its rich deposits of coal, bauxite, gold, and other minerals. Queensland state government aims to demonstrate its innovative mining practices, sustainable resource management, and commitment to responsible mining.

    Throughout WMC 2023, Queensland representatives will highlight the state’s mining infrastructure, which includes ports, rail networks, and export facilities that allow for the efficient transportation of resources to both domestic and international markets. The Queensland mining industry strongly emphasises environmental stewardship and community engagement, ensuring that mining operations coexist harmoniously with local communities and ecosystems, a key topic at the 2023 WMC.

    Business and Networking Opportunities:

    A key benefit of attending WMC 2023 is the opportunity to network with industry leaders, researchers, investors, and government representatives from around the world. The WMC 2023 will feature a comprehensive exhibition showcasing cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and services from global industry leaders in the mining and resources sectors.

    Gathering international experts and investors presents a wealth of opportunities for business connections and research advancements. Industry experts and researchers from across the globe will be brought together to share insights, present research findings, and discuss emerging trends in the mining sector. This exchange of knowledge and ideas can foster collaboration and accelerate technological advancements in areas such as automation, digitalisation, and sustainable mining practices. The Congress will also hold business forums and matchmaking sessions, facilitating connections between industry players and potential investors to foster joint ventures and investment opportunities that drive future growth and development in the mining industry. This provides a platform for companies like BLJ In-Situ Solutions to discuss innovative solutions and forge valuable partnerships.

    For BLJ In-Situ Solutions, the upcoming World Mining Congress 2023 presents a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and be at the forefront of the latest research and developments. BLJ In-Situ Solutions is excited to hear the global dialogue on sustainable mining and the industry’s future.

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