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    Health, Safety & Environment

    Committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace & protection of the natural environment

    Health, Safety & Environment

    Committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace & protection of the natural environment

    Our Health, Safety and Environmental Commitment

    The services provided by BLJ in addition to helping our clients keep their plant on-line, help our clients achieve their environmental and safety legislative commitments, including; waste and pollution control; and by reducing the safety risk associated with their plant. All of the services provided by BLJ help our clients prevent leaks of product into the atmosphere.

    BLJ In-situ Solutions is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and preventing work-related injury and ill health. The Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, visitors and clients is our highest priority. We are committed to eliminating hazards and reducing HSE risks. All work-related injury and ill health are preventable, and we are committed to achieving and maintaining an occupational illness and injury free workplace.

    BLJ In-situ Solutions has identified the environmental aspects of the company’s services and products and the potential environmental impact of those aspects. We are committed to the protection of the natural environment, prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste to prevent and minimise any adverse effects on the environment, where possible.


    These commitments are then segmented into Safety, Health and Environment Objectives as per our HSE Policy. The Objectives outlined are then implemented through our HSE system procedure and policy actions. Further, we review our HSE performance against these objectives and the measures we have established.

    BLJ services are provided at the client’s premises and as such, we work to the client’s Safety, Health, and Environment System when on site.

    The overall impact of our services is to reduce the risk of a safety incident and emissions into the atmosphere.

    Outside of the client’s premises, we have mapped our environmental aspects and implemented processes to meet our commitment to the environment.

    We look forward to working with you.

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