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    Our Leadership Team

    Providing knowledge, experience, and expertise throughout all of our services

    Our Leadership Team

    Providing knowledge, experience, and expertise throughout all of our services

    BLJ In-situ Solutions Leadership

    BLJ In-situ Solutions provides knowledge, experience, and expertise throughout all of our services.

    Our expertise and capabilities are driven by a team of charismatic and engaging leaders.

     Barry Jamieson BLJ Insitu Solutions

    Barry Jamieson


    I have over 30 years experience in the engineering industry – in 1987 I commenced my apprenticeship as a fitter and turner with Furmanite Australia. My role as Service Technician within a global organisation allowed me to learn and develop some of the finest skills in the trade. Not only was I fortunate enough to start my career in an organisation with a global reach, I also had the privilege of being able to learn from some of the best mentors in the industry.

    More About Barry

    My early years of learning the trade and gathering knowledge of the industry gave me the various opportunities to further my career. I took a position as a supervisor to gain an understanding of what was involved in managing people, working as a team member yet remaining a leader, discovering self-motivation and initiative, developing and maintaining relationships with peers, suppliers, and clients, meeting budgets and deadlines. I then moved up the ladder as Regional Manager – Queensland and NSW, which took my career to a new height. It opened possibilities of a whole another level – senior management.

    My 18 years working around the world in numerous locations dealing with a vast range of clients and people enabled me to develop some of the finest skills that I possess today. I have always been a “hands-on” person. Someone who loves the challenge of being able to find a solution to the problem that presents itself and then being able to fix it! This is something that has served as my driving force behind the passion that I have for the industry and my career choice. Finally, after 18 years, I sought another kind of fulfilment. A kind of fulfilment that I could not achieve by working for any other company in the industry so in 2005 BLJ was born.

    BLJ was created with the sole purpose of offering something specialised but different. Creating an experience between a supplier and a client that not only achieved the end result but did so with authenticity, simplicity, expertise and above all respect. BLJ has continued to grow over the last 12 years and has been fortunate enough to be involved in some major projects across Australia and internationally. BLJ has been able to stay refined and controlled to ensure that the fundamental principles of why it was created can still be achieved and that is what we continue to do today. We have the ability to compete with the large players and this is a direct result of all the people that we have had over the years. We still retain some of the most critical team members which have enabled us to grow and develop, yet still able to provide small business customer service and offer the services that we do. That’s what makes us ultimately different. 

    BLJ Insitu Solutions Brooke Blomer

    Brooke Blomer

    Business Advisor and Financial Controller

    I have over 18 years experience working in the legal industry for large law firms in Brisbane. The areas of law that I have been involved in over those years consists of Commercial/Corporate, Environmental and Industrial Relations law. During my time in the legal industry, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented, experienced and influential people in their areas of expertise. Being a part of some of the largest firms in Brisbane, opened doors to various opportunities and experiences that laid the foundation to my career.

    More About Brooke

    I was privileged to work with a range of fantastic partners and peers who helped shape and develop skills that would become invaluable throughout my career. Consistency, persistence, loyalty, self-motivation, dedication, negotiation, preparedness, reliability, working as a team yet maintaining individuality, not to mention that when faced with a problem or challenge – communication is the answer to anything!

    Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity of participating in some challenging matters which allowed me to open my mind to points of views and gave meaning to our legal system and what it stands for. I was able to further my education, skills and experience across many platforms. However, in 2011, I sought a new challenge – my passion for learning and opening up new opportunities and experiences saw me take the leap to a new industry. My journey began with my role at BLJ and the oil, gas, petroleum industry.

    The opportunity to learn and participate in a completely different and volatile industry while working with some of the experienced and knowledgeable professionals has given me the ability to not only grow my knowledge and experience but to utilise and rely on my foundation skills and experience. Bringing these two industries together has enabled my strengths to be built upon and weaknesses to strengthen.

    Working in a refined and dedicated company such as BLJ, I see the transition of people who not only work in the company as employees but also clients and suppliers treated as equal, not just a number! The essence of any successful business is the people and that’s what BLJ has always had and will continue to have.

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    BLJ Insitu Solutions Wayne Jamieson

    Wayne Jamieson

    Operations Manager

    My career started in the engineering industry in 1989 commencing with Furmanite Australia as a Service Technician working out of the Brisbane location. I spent the first years of my career servicing clients around Australia and having the opportunity to be a part of some major developmental projects around the country.

    More About Wayne

    After experiencing a “hands-on” role as Service Technician I decided to further my skills and knowledge, therefore, moved into a role as Equipment Maintenance Officer. An opportunity then arose to become Supervisor of the Gladstone location for a specific period of time. Upon completing the role as Supervisor in Gladstone, I continued my career as a Leading Hand Technician. Working in these roles for over 17 years allowed me to develop my trade skills across a wide variety of areas within a large organization.

    Not only was I given some of the most amazing opportunities to further my skills as a Fitter and Turner, I was able to gain knowledge in relation to the servicing and requirements of specialized tooling and equipment maintenance, the ability of being able to deal with a broad range of clients and meet their needs as required, supervising and managing other personnel, become a part of team yet independent, and adopt a work ethic that was not only recognized within the company but by our serviced clients. Working within a large organization allowed me to develop skills and knowledge that are fundamental to my career and craft. Attention to detail, loyalty, reliability, professionalism, respect, persistence, organized, and problem-solving are all foundations which have accompanied me with my expertise.

    In 2006 I was offered to join BLJ In-Situ Solutions as Brisbane Supervisor. After working in a large organization for many years I wanted to experience something different. I was responsible for all the Service Technicians working out of Brisbane. This role then leads to me becoming Operations Manager Brisbane which offered a new set of responsibilities and skills. Working in a small business allowed me to redefine my skill set much closer. I have been able to grow into a Manager, while still offering service technicians my expertise and critical knowledge to assist them in learning and to gain their own skills in the use of specialized tooling and equipment. Being a part of a small team allows us to focus on clients needs and expectations. We are able to work closely with them to achieve the optimal result.

    I take pride in being a part of the industry and watching it change and evolve over the last 30 years and more importantly, being able to provide our clients with the same services as the large organizations are able to with not only some of the most experienced people but with the highest quality.

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    BLJ Insitu Solutions Daryl Reynish

    Daryl Reynish

    Senior Supervisor

    My experience of 32 years in the industry includes exposure to as Oil and Gas Refineries, LNG plants, CSG stations, Power Stations, Chemical plants, Pulp and Paper mills, Bauxite / Coal mines throughout Australasia and New Zealand. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout my career, which has ultimately led me to the path of accepting the role as Senior Supervisor at BLJ. 

    More About Daryl

    I began my journey in the oil and Gas industries as a fitter turner apprentice in 1992 in New Zealand. After completing my apprenticeship, I decided to further my skills as a machinist and continued to develop my skills further to gain a better knowledge base in a diverse range of skills. In 1998 I took on a role at Furmanite Australia as Service Technician to which my career continued to expand.  It was at this point in my career where I was given the opportunity to experience working in a large corporation with a variety of people and places that lead me to be introduced to Barry and Wayne Jamieson. My time as a Service Technician served to pave the way towards expanding my career towards onsite machining, flange facing, line boring X-Y milling, leak sealing, flange joint management to offer optimal services to our clients. I was exposed to a variety of different opportunities and disciplines with various multi-national corporations. It offered further development in my client service skills and communication, interaction, and organisational skills to which have been invaluable in my career. After refining my skills and developing my relationships with clients and team members I decided to expand my career to incorporate more senior roles which would incorporate supervision and project management.

    I progressed to taking on senior roles such as Supervision, Superintendent, Construction Co-ordinator, Flange Management Co-ordinator, and Operations Manager.  The drive and motivation to accept these leadership roles came from my passion to want to lead teams and to work with clients to enable a safe and cost-effective solution to be achieved. I thrive on being able to work with a team, build a plan, manage contractors, and provide technical direction all the while building relationships and executing work scopes in the most proficient way possible.  My experience of 32 years in the industry includes exposure to as Oil and Gas Refineries, LNG plants, CSG stations, Power Stations, Chemical plants, Pulp and Paper mills, Bauxite / Coal mines throughout Australasia and New Zealand. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout my career, which has ultimately led me to the path of accepting the role as Senior Supervisor at BLJ.  It is at this point in my career that I choose to bring all my skills and experience to this small team which I have had the privilege to have worked with the past, that offers me the opportunity to bring all my attributes and experiences together with their foundation.

    My multi-national skills and experience means that I can offer the BLJ team ideas, professionalism, and levels of dependability that will continue to better service our clients and enable our team to grow and develop further team building skills that will continue to make BLJ always, “that little bit different from the rest.” It is with great pride that I step into this role, and it is with nothing but enthusiasm and motivation that I offer the team and clients.

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