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    Pipe and Joint management within construction projects


    Pipe and Joint management within construction projects

    Infrastructure Construction

    With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ provides high value solutions in a cost effective way across multiple market sectors.

    Construction engineering and management, project management and asset management skills are vital to building and maintaining the infrastructure we need to live in cities and towns in the 21st century. Infrastructure projects, such as bridges, buildings, roads, railways, wharves, mine and natural resource facilities, dams and waste treatment plants, progress through feasibility, design, construction, commissioning and handover phases.

    Construction engineering is about organising and coordinating the people, equipment, and materials so that the construction work is done efficiently, safely and in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way.

    [Excerpt from UNSW School of Engineering]

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions Construction On-site | Workshop Maintenance Services include:

    • Pipeline Maintenance

    • Flange Joint Management

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