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    Pipe and Joint Infrastructure Asset Maintenance 


    Pipe and Joint Infrastructure Asset Maintenance

    Infrastructure Asset Maintenance

    With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ In-situ offers high value solutions in a cost effective way across multiple market sectors. We have a wealth of industry specific maintenance and mechanical repairs, technical and operational knowledge.

    The Pipeline Maintenance industry is segmented according to its major product segments. Gas pipeline construction accounts for most industry activity. Over the past five years, gas pipeline construction has eclipsed oil and chemical gas pipeline construction, which was previously the mainstay of the industry.

    We deliver mechanical maintenance and shutdown services in the Bowen Basin, Surat Basin, Cooper Basin, Eromanga Basin and throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions Infrastructure On-site | Workshop Maintenance Services include:

    • Water pipeline

    • Sewer pipeline

    • Storm water pipeline

    • Oil pipeline

    • Gas pipeline

    • Petrochemical pipeline

    • Flanges

    • Valves

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