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    Pipeline and Pipework maintenance services

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    The Pipeline industry is segmented according to its major product segments. Gas pipeline construction accounts for most industry activity. Over the past five years, gas pipeline construction has eclipsed oil and chemical gas pipeline construction, which was previously the mainstay of the industry.

    The Queensland Government granted approval to Queenslands largest resource project in almost a decade – Arrow Energy’s $10 billion Surat Gas Project – The approval includes 14 petroleum leases for the future gas operation between Dalby and Wandoan, and it is anticipated to inject an extra 5,000 petajoules of gas to market for more than 27 years. This will include 240 petajoules of gas a year during the Surat Gas Project’s peak production beginning in 2026.

    Gas pipeline construction has contributed most industry revenue over the past five years, reflecting the large number of major projects accessing natural gas fields off Western Australia in the Carnarvon Basin, Browse Basin, and Bonaparte Basin. 

    With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ provides high value solutions in a cost effective way across multiple market sectors.

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions Utilities On-site | Workshop Maintenance Services include:

    • Pipework : steel | cast iron | concrete 

    • Pipelines : water | gas | chemical | lng | petroleum | oil | biofuel | slurry

    • Storage tanks : water | fuel | chemical | bitumen

    • Water treatment plants

    • Sewage treatment Plants

    • Pump stations

    • High pressure vessels

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