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    Shutdown Services

    Shutdown and On-Site services supporting Industrial Turnaround and Construction Projects

    Shutdown Services

    Shutdown and On-Site services supporting Industrial Turnaround and Construction Projects

    Shutdown Services for efficient turnaround

    BLJ In-situ Solutions offers a wide range of Mechanical Maintenance, On-site Machining, Bolting and Shutdown services supporting Industrial Turnaround and Construction Projects.

    BLJ In-situ Solutions mechancial maintenance services are tailored by the customer to meet individual shutdown requirements. Additional Services can be added as your shutdown progresses. Turnaround and Construction Specialist Mechanical Service packages bring you the combined strengths of a range of specialist services which together cater to your specific needs while aligning with the shutdown, maintenance, and production requirements.

    Shutdown Bundled Services

    A selection of our core on-site services can be customised to your specific needs and these include:

    Our most requested bundled service package is our Flange Joint Management Services

    Entrusting BLJ In-situ Solutions with multiple specialist services enables clients to achieve a Quality Standard of Service to enhance their overall business performance while avoiding the logistical challenges of sourcing several different contractors.

    BLJ In-situ Solutions is certified and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard. All work undertaken by BLJ In-situ Solutions is executed in accordance with its Quality Management System processes. 

    All of BLJ In-Situ Solutions services are supported by a robust Quality Management system and a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System to ensure a high standard of service is continually achieved for clients, which meets environmental and safety legislative commitments relevant to the work environment and service provided.

    Interested in BLJ’s Expert Site & Plant Shutdown Services?

    Contact the BLJ In-situ Solutions team today to discuss performing shutdown services and onsite machining maintenance or repairs to your plant equipment.

    Shutdown Services FAQ’s

    As a result of our specialised services, BLJ In-situ Solutions has an excellent reputation as a Mechanical Maintenance and Shutdown Service Provider. To learn more about our range of onsite-machining and shutdown services, take a look at our FAQs below.

    What are Shutdown Services?

    Shutdown services are comprehensive maintenance and repair activities carried out on production-critical assets and infrastructure in various industries. These services involve halting all plant activities to facilitate repairs, maintenance and equipment replacements. Shutdowns are crucial for ensuring plant reliability, compliance with safety regulations, and optimising plant performance.

    When are Shutdown services needed?

    Shutdown services are needed during planned periods of plant maintenance to ensure optimal facility performance, reliability, and compliance with safety regulations. Shutdown services involve halting plant activities to conduct maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacements. It is employed to perform equipment repair, assembly, and maintenance, in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, construction, and more.

    Planned shutdowns are scheduled based on maintenance requirements or regulatory guidelines. Emergency shutdowns may also be required if a piece of equipment malfunctions or experiences an issue. 

    What are the common maintenance services performed?

    Shutdown services facilitate the onsite maintenance and repair of plant equipment. This includes:

    • Controlled Bolting: Controlled bolting is the technique of applying an accurate torque load to a mechanical joint in order to assure joint integrity. Because bolted joints are frequently one of the most prevalent parts in industrial components, the durability of each connection is critical. At BLJ, we have specialised methods for accurately and precisely tightening or loosening bolts in various mechanical applications.
    • Flange Joint Management: Flange Joint Management involves the systematic approach to ensuring the integrity and reliability of flanged connections in industrial piping systems. It includes activities such as inspection, maintenance, and optimization of flange joints to prevent leaks, improve safety, and enhance operational efficiency. Flanged joints are critical components in a piping system and are subject to wear and tear over time, so regular maintenance is crucial. At BLJ, we have specialised methods for accurately and precisely maintaining flange joints to minimise downtime.
    • Flange Facing: Flange Facing is the process of machining the contact surfaces of flanges to create smooth and flat mating surfaces. It involves removing imperfections, such as corrosion, roughness, or damage, from the flange faces to ensure a proper seal when the flanges are bolted together. BLJ technicians perform field flange-facing services using specialised machines and tools.
    • Hot Tapping: Hot tapping is a method of making a connection to an existing pressurised system, such as a pipeline or pressure vessel, without the tank or pipe experiencing downtime. This prevents costly and potentially dangerous hazards while allowing for continued operation.

    BLJ In-Situ Solutions personnel are able to complete servicing operations to plant equipment on-site with portable machines to increase plant up-time, safety and productivity while reducing the time, labour and transport costs of assembling and reassembling equipment.

    What is the Shutdown process?

    The shutdown process involves thorough planning, coordination, and prompt execution of maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacements. It starts with assessing maintenance needs, creating a detailed plan, mobilising skilled teams, halting plant activities, conducting maintenance tasks, and ensuring a safe and efficient restart of plant operations. The team at BLJ In-situ Solutions are experts in performing efficient shutdown and on-site machining services

    What are the benefits of shutdown services?

    The benefits of site shutdown services include improved plant performance and reliability, compliance with safety regulations, extended equipment lifespan, reduced downtime, enhanced safety for workers and the environment, and cost-effectiveness. Properly executed shutdowns result in increased plant efficiency and minimised disruptions to production processes.

    Why is hiring a professional essential?

    Hiring a professional team to perform shutdown services is essential to ensure efficient planning, execution, and safety compliance during maintenance activities. The knowledgeable team at BLJ possess the expertise, experience, and resources to handle complex shutdown projects, optimise maintenance tasks, and minimise operational risks. Their proficiency ensures that shutdowns are performed precisely and adhere to industry standards, leading to successful outcomes and minimised downtime.

    Our Shutdown Services Projects

    Moranbah Gas Plant Shutdown

    BLJ was tasked by Dyno Nobel with shutdown bundled services at the Moranbah gas plant.

    Due to the size of the project, BLJ supplied 12 technicians and 2 supervisors to execute various services on site. These include hydraulic torque up of flanges and machining various size flanges.

    Dyno Nobel was happy with our efficient work, with the team working hard and solving problems along the way in between isolating and de-isolating the plant.

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