• Flange Spreaders

    Flange Spreaders

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    Flange Spreaders

    An industrial tool available in a variety of mechanical and hydraulic spreading tools for the separation of stubborn joints for inspection, maintenance and decommissioning operations and allow the spreading of flanges with an access gap of 6 mm (0.24”) or greater. Stepped Blocks are to be used in a joint with a larger gap, and can be used to open a joint further with less penetration. Our Flange Spreaders are capable of spreading forces from 9.4T to 15.5T.

    Mechanical Spreader Kits Include: 1 x Wedgehead, 2 x Stepped Blocks, 1 x  Wrench with 22 mm Socket, 1 x Safety Block.

    Hydraulic Spreader Kits Include: 1 x Wedgehead, 2 x Stepped Blocks, 1 x 10,000 psi (700 bar) Integral Hydraulic Pump/Cylinder, 1 x Safety Block, 1 x Carry-Strap

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