• Hydraulic Tensioner Hoses & T-Blocks

    Hydraulic Tensioner Hoses & T-Blocks

    Product Description

    Hydraulic Tensioner Hoses & T-Blocks

    Our high pressure, flexible hydraulic hoses are manufactured from multi-spiral reinforced ply steel with a clear PVC cover for additional operator protection and resistance against abrasion and corrosion, designed for use with all 1500 bar hydraulic tensioning tools and equipment, all fitted with Quick-connect couplings for fast and clean operation.

    Large number of hoses available. All items are inspected regularly, meeting all safety requirements, 1500 bar working pressures & Minimum burst pressures of 3750 bar.

    • 5 Metre1500 bar flexible hydraulic link hoses,
    • 1.5 Metre 1500 bar flexible Interconnecting hoses,
    • 1500 bar Tee blocks

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