• Pneumatic Nut Runners

    Pneumatic Nut Runners

    Product Description

    Pneumatic Nut Runners

    We stock a variety of Nut Runners with up to 6,000 ft.lbs torque capacity. Various size Square Drives and Reaction Arms available to suit all applications.

    All Nut Runners are non-impacting and unlike impact wrenches apply a smooth continuous torque eliminating destructive hammering and reducing operator strain and increasing productivity, some with the added advantage of an automatic two speed gearbox allowing for faster rundown. All pneumatic tools are supplied with reaction arm, 3M hose, Filter/Regulator/Lubricator in an easy to carry tool holder. 

    Available Nut Runners: 350SL, 550SL, 800SN, 10GX, 25GX, 34GX, 50DX & 60DX.

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