• Journal Turning Lathe (Shaft Turning)

    Journal Turning Lathe (Shaft Turning)

    Product Description

    Journal Turning Lathe (Shaft Turning)

    Journal turning is machining the outside diameter of a shaft to bring it within the desired specification for concentricity, surface finish and circularity tolerance. A precision machining tool that performs accurate and consistent machining of bearing journals and other round surfaces.

    The rugged and dependable Portable Lathe is a precision machine tool engineered to re-turn large shafts and roll journals by bolting directly to the end of the workpiece and rotating around the shaft.  Simply remove the gear or bearing to expose the end of the shaft. Adjusting screws allow accurate centering and alignment even if the shaft face is no longer square.

    Equipment for Journal (Shaft) Turning available from 4″ to 11.25” diameter. All BLJ In-situ Solutions machines are supplied with tooling and equipment required to setup and operate.

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