• Pipe Cutting & Weld Prep Machines

    Pipe Cutting & Weld Prep Machines

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    Pipe Cutting & Weld Prep Machines

    Also known as Split Frame Clamshells, Pipe Cutting & Weld Prep Machines come in a variety of sizes available for 4″ to 60″ diameter pipe.

    Air driven Pipe cutting & weld prepping Machines. 4” to 60” pipe diameter pipe cutting and prepping equipment is available. This enables from small diameter pipes right up to large diameter vessels to be cut and prepped in-situ. The split frame machines are portable pipe lathes designed to simultaneously sever and bevel inline pipe, plus form an angle bevel as they cut. The frame is split for easy installation on in-line pipe. The tool bits automatically feed into the work piece with each rotation of the clamshell to assure a smooth precise finish. Swivel Counter Boring Head attachment also available for hire. All BLJ In-situ Solutions machines are supplied with tooling and equipment required to setup and operate.

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