• Clamp Installation and Leak Sealing

    Clamp Installation and Leak Sealing


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    Project Brief

    BLJ was engaged by the client to perform clamp installation and provide a leak sealing solution. A 2″ elbow was leaking on an HP Steam with line press of 15,300 KPA.


    BLJ’s solution was to design and manufacture a clamp solution to meet clients specific application. A clamp was installed around the elbow leak, and to stop the leak, a compound injection was carried out. Leak sealing and repair were completed with clamps designed to ASME VIII or AS1210 design codes.

    This is a temporary fix to get the plant through to the next plant maintenance or scheduled shutdown, when the item is repaired or replaced to work within the clients timeframe and resources.


    The job was completed very efficiently, providing our client with a leak-free start-up. 

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