• Power Station Transition Weld Repair

    Power Station Transition Weld Repair


    Client in Energy Industry


    Darling Downs

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    Project Brief

    BLJ was contacted by a power station in Darling Downs, contracting one of our expert technician teams to perform on-site machining services for various pipe cutting and transition weld repairs throughout the plant.  


    BLJ sent a team of 12 expert technicians to perform a series of on-site transition weld repairs, including removing an existing weld on a pipe 949mm in diameter and 53mm wall thickness. 

    Over the course of 13 days (dayshift and nightshift work included), the BLJ on-site machining team successfully carried out various pipe cutting projects.


    All weld repairs and pipe-cutting works were completed with little to no disruption to the power station processes. Our client is extremely pleased with the work completed and they are now operating smoothly due to BLJ’s technician’s capabilities and expert knowledge.

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