• QCLNG Train 1 June / July Turnaround 2022

    QCLNG Train 1 June / July Turnaround 2022

    Project Brief

    Throughout June and July 2022, BLJ was engaged by Shell (Curtis Island) to undertake a large site maintenance project which involved the isolation of the plant, machining 140 damaged flanges of varying sizes and then de-isolating the plant.

    Shell’s QGC venture is located on Curtis Island near Gladstone in Queensland and acts as one of the leading onshore natural gas producers in Australia. Tapping into the Surat Basin, this operation consists of over 3000 production wells, 6 processing plants, 25 field compression stations, 2 water treatment plants, all connected to a two-train LNG export facility. Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Train 1 is part of the two-train LNG development operated by Shell.


    Utilising BLJ’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in our most sought-after service, Flange Joint Management, 4 supervisors and 34 technicians were able to successfully maintain all 140 flanges which required attention. All site safety requirements and conditions were met by our dedicated team as they worked on flanges of all different sizes. Shell valued our efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining their Train’s flange joints.


    BLJ successfully managed to supply cost-effective maintenance solutions to 140 flanges including over 2400 broken joints. There were 0 leaks detected upon start-up – a commendation to our hard-working and dedicated team.

    The BLJ Team

    Our highly experienced team of 38 were onsite throughout the project ensuring seamless 24 hour service. Meet some of our amazing ‘day shift’ team members in the left hand photo below and our equally incredible ‘night shift’ team members on the right below.

    Post-Project Wrap-Up

    BLJ would like to thank everyone who came on board as part of our team to assist with the work at Curtis Island QGC Train 1 and 2. It was a pleasure to be able to work with everyone and to achieve such great results. No leaks with 2243 flanges broken (range of sizes) outstanding effort – until next time take care!

    Image Source : Shell Australia – Queensland Curtis LNG

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