• Refurbish Gasket Face with Mirage 2000i Flange Facer

    Refurbish Gasket Face with Mirage 2000i Flange Facer


    Petrochemical Industry



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    Project Brief

    One of our large petrochemical clients requested in-situ machining services for a 1800 mm diameter stainless flange with a Mirage 2000i flange facer.

    The M2000i is a portable, internally mounted flange facing machine using fixed gears to produce 6 continuous groove gramophone finishes to ASME Standard. This tool is ideal for all types of flange facing, seal grooving, weld preparation, counter-boring and heat exchanger repair.

    Our team removed the damaged flange to weld a new one. In this procedure, the flange was distorted due to the welding.

    Our Mirage 2000i in action


    BLJ sent a team of highly skilled technicians to machine the flange back to the specs required. The technicians re-machined the damaged gasket faces through the use of the portable Mirage 2000i flange facing machine set up to the best plane of fit to the gasket face and the spigot OD.


    The machining of the flange was completed within the timeframe allowed, and the vessel was returned to service where it performed as if it was brand new.

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