• Repair 3” Elbow Leak | Fertiliser Plant Queensland

    Repair 3” Elbow Leak | Fertiliser Plant Queensland


    Fertiliser Plant


    North West Queensland

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    Project Brief

    Our client, a Fertiliser Plant in North West Queensland, contacted BLJ In-Situ Solutions to repair a 3” elbow pipe leak.

    Product: Medium Pressure (MP) Steam

    Design Temp: 250 deg

    Design Pressure: 4000 kPa


    BLJ manufactured a custom peripheral seal clamp off-site to fit the client’s MP Steam leak in an elbow pipe. A team of knowledgeable technicians then mobilised to the Plant once the clamp was ready for action. Our team injected the leak with a compound to prevent further leakage and repaired the pipe.


    Thanks to BLJ’s specialist clamp development and efficient expert team, our client returned to full functions with little disruptions to their operations. BLJ was happy to assist our client with this project to seal the leak and return to operations with peace of mind.

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