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    Resolving Flange Face Leak

    Resolving Flange Face Leak


    Metalwork and Fabrication Company



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    Project Brief

    A prominent metalwork and fabrication company based in Brisbane encountered an issue during the commissioning phase of one of their projects. The client’s machinery flanges were leaking, jeopardising their equipment’s overall integrity and functionality. This unexpected problem demanded a swift and effective solution to prevent costly delays and potential hazards.


    To address the issue, BLJ In-situ Solutions deployed a team of highly skilled technicians to assess and rectify the flange problem. Upon inspection, the technicians identified that the flanges were 7.6mm out of flatness, causing an improper sealing of the flange faces. To remedy this, they employed precision machining techniques to adjust the flange face to the required specifications.

    The technicians utilised a portable Mirage flange facing machine (MM1500i) to perform the necessary machining on the flanges. However, this task was not without its challenges. In some instances, bricks had been installed within the flanges, complicating the machining process. In another scenario, the flange was installed upside down, adding an additional layer of complexity.


    Following the meticulous machining of the flanges by BLJ technicians, the client experienced a significant improvement in their equipment’s performance. Upon startup, there were no leaks detected, ensuring the machinery’s functionality and safety were restored to optimal levels.

    This successful project demonstrates BLJ In-situ Solutions’ expertise in precision machining and our teams ability to resolve complex issues efficiently. The client’s machinery is now operational without any leaks, ensuring their plant’s continued reliability and safety.

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